New IP Address Editor

I like the idea of the new IP editor, but I was disappointed to find that it is so unlike the standard Windows editor; many of my users would need some assistance to discover that tab and backtab were needed to move between the sub-fields.  Would it be possible to enhance it by (a) allowing <space> to move on from a field with either 1 or 2 digits, and (b) allowing arrow keys and backspace to move between the subfields?  This would allow an edit field to be created with the benefits of TMS visual enhancements but retaining the method of operation that is familiar to all users.

In addition there is a small bug.  The inclusion of '-' among the valid numeric characters allows an IP address of for example 1.-2.-34.5 to be entered without complaint.

All items have been handled. Space & arrow key handling is added and '-' sign issue is fixed. All improvements will be in the next update.

Great!  There is one other small suggestion I have: would it be possible to extend the right-click handler to the FOctets sub-controls?  We have a couple of fields where we have a pop-up menu showing the detected adapter IPs on the machine, and currently this only works in AdvIPEdit if you right-click in the first element.

We have alsoo applied a fix for the popupmenu handling. An update for this will be released today.

Looks good so far!  Thanks.

Input is not centered as it should be.. Try choosing Alignment = taCenter to see how it looks like. Also, other alignments don't seem to be ok.

We'll make it center aligned.