MSBing Speech Demo

Using the VCL Cloud Pack, MS Bing Speech Demo I've noted that the code is outdated in the file "CloudCustomMSBingSpeech.pas"
The following lines do not work as Bing was replaced by the new Azure Speech Service:

FAPIBase := '';

And for getting the token, the line:

url := '';

Is now something like:

url := ''

but even making those changes, I cannot make the demo work. Is there an updated code version for this demo, or is this feature something that does not work anymore?

Thank You!

I've tryed to run the same Bing Speech demo with the trial version of the TMS FMX Cloud Pack, and I could not make it work again. I can make it work using the examples in the Azure Documentation. I would like to know if this component is really not working before purchasing this TMS Pack. I really appreciate an answer. My company has been a TMS customer since 2008.

Apparently Microsoft did breaking changes from their side. We will review this from our side.