Bing Speech - language?

Hi - the Bing Demo works nice - but can it turned to another language? German ? French?

I dsicovered the Agent property that seems to contain locales - but no change if I change to 'de-DE'

Speech service seems to use only key1 or SpeechAppKey - correct?

Thanx in advance


- You can use the VoiceFont parameter of the Synthesize call to change the language of the resulting audio. Besides English there are several other languages available, including German, French and Spanish.

    AdvMSBingSpeech1.Synthesize(Text, Stream, bvGermanDEFemale);

- That is correct the MS Bing Speech service only requires an API key for authentication.

Bart Holvoet2017-02-23 09:10:40

Works great thanx.- Male and Female ....

The Demo is playing nicely as File- But no sound as Stream ...


We are not aware of any issues with playing sound as stream.
Does the issue occur every time or only in specific cases?
Please also provide the version of Delphi you are using so I can further investigate this.

Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 2. UMSBingSpeechDemo no modifications (... inserted key only). running on Windows 10 in Virtual Machine. As File - allways played. As Stream never played! Switching force and back between File/Stream does not change anything

TMS Version - The compiled demo run on Win7 without VM does also play no sound

Can you verify in the demo that the size of the stream returned from AdvMSBingSpeech1.Synthesize is > 0 and normally the same size as the size of the file generated?