More than one GridDatabaseAdapter issue

Windows 10/Lazarus 1.6.4

Form with one Grid/GridDatabaseAdapter works fine. However, when more than one GridDatabaseAdapter is on the form the following error occurs:

Project <name> raised exception class External: SIGSEGV
In file LCLTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter.

Yes, the second Grid is set to Grid2.

Do you have more details? I could not reproduce a problem here.
Is this two GridDatabaseAdapter connected to the same datasource , same dataset or not?
When exactly is the problem happening? Application start? Are datasets always active when you set the GridDatabasAdapter.Active = true?

I am using 1 ODBCConnection.

2 datasets.
When I connect to a normail TDBGrid it works properly.

Just placing another a second GridDatabaseAdapter onto the form causes the issue. Even with the Grid and DataSounce fields blank.

I can really not see a reason from the component itself to be causing this. Does this also  happen when you do this on a new application / new form?