TTMSFNCGrid and TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter practical solutions

I had FNCGrid in Unit1 and FNCGridDatabaseAdapter in Unit2. In in this case, the application was unstable, sometimes access violation errors appeared. When I putted FNCGrid and FNCGridDatabaseAdapter in one Unit1 everything works perfectly. Is this a rule that should be followed?

And one more question. My FNCGrid is connected with MS SQL table. During query change (query is closing and opening), contents of the FNCGrid is changing too. Should I deactivate and activate FNCGridDatabaseAdapter at every change? Or BeginUpdate and EndUpdate on FNCGrid will be ok?

It should not make a difference whether the database adapter should be in a different unit or not. But if the application is running more stable, then you can indeed choose to put the database adapter in the same unit. BeginUpdate & EndUpdate should be sufficient to reload the grid.

Thanks a lot for your advices.