Problem when two GridAdapters are on a form

I have two Aureliusdatasets, one of them is bound to via a gridadapter to a FNCGrid. Data is displayed as expected.

If I put a second FNCGrid along with a second gridadapter on the form, no datra is displayed in the grids.

If I delete the sond Adapter, data is displayed again.

What am I missing?

Hi, the grid database adapter automatically connects to a grid at designtime. Please make sure that the correct grid is assigned to the corresponding adapter.

I just rechecked 

  • they are bound to the corresponding Adapter, as well as datasets.
More info: When the second grid has all column definitions deleted and the second Adapter has set autocreatecolumns to true, the columns for BOTH grids are recreated and the data is displayed. 

Can you programmatically force that each dataset adapter is pointing to the correct grid?

Yes, I did - both display now the same data. 

please send us your sample so we can investigate what exactly is going wrong here.

Additionally the columns of the first grid have been changed unexpectedly. 

I sent the sample.

It was received and will be investigated.

Was solved by mail - thank you!

I needed to check, that both the grid and the Adapter are set properly.