Missing * .rtf files from demo mobile projects

Where to find the files "Flex Calc.rtf", "FlexDoc.rtf", "CalcWeel.rtf", "FlexCelView.rtf" and "Reports.rtf", from the project group "C: \ Users \ user \ Documents \ tmssoftware \ FlexCelVCLNT \ Demo \ FireMonkey Mobile"?

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For FireMonkey (mobile and desktop), the files are just README.rtf (and README.md). This is because a README file is the standard in many of the platforms firemonkey supports (like linux or macOS), and also because it is required in FlexCel .NET with Xamarin, and we try to keep all FlexCel versions as similar as possible.

You can also find all the READMEs online at https://doc.tmssoftware.com/flexcel/vcl/samples/firemonkey-mobile/index.html