Flexcel installation Delphi Berlin

I'm new in using Flexcel for VCL. I try to follow examples in the documentation.

I do not know if I have installed Flexcel correctly.
But on my tool palette, under tool category "Flexcel", I only find 1 component: It's "FlexcelPreviewer"
On the doc, I'm asked to drop "FlexcelInport" and "XlsAdapter" on my form.
But these components are not there (?)
Have I installed it correctly?


Somehow you got an old documentation: FlexCelImport and XlsAdapter were components in FlexCel 3, but they don't exist anymore in FlexCel 6. 

And yes, the only component you should have in the tool palette is TFlexCelPreviewer, as all non visual components were replaced with classes.

The documentation for FlexCel 6 is here:

Make sure to click the links at the left (and at the top).

If you are interested in knowing why we changed the components from FlexCel 3, you can read it here:

But if you are new with FlexCel, just forget about TFlexCelImport, TXlsAdapter and friends. Just use the new classes.

Thank you Adrian