Missing 'FMX.TMSGridDataBinding'


I just installed the latest TMS pack for FMX. When I compiled my old project, I got an error message saying "Unable to open include file 'FMX.TMSGridDataBinding.hpp'. I noticed that the TMS FMX pack has changed the package name to UI pack. I searched that file name on my hard drive, and found nothing.

Could any one help me on that? Thanks in advance!


The FMX.TMSGridDataBinding unit has been replaced by FMX.TMSLiveGridDataBinding.

LiveBindings support for TTMSFMXGrid has been deprecated and meanwhile removed.

For future LiveBindings enabled projects please use the TTMSFMXLiveGrid instead.

I changed the included header file from "FMX.TMSGridDataBinding.hpp" to "FMX.TMSLiveGridDataBinding.hpp, it compiled and ran. But I see this error message "Project **  raised exception class EBindCompError with message 'Error in LinkGridToDataSourceBindSourceDBs. No list control editor available for TTMSFMSGrid'."

How can I upgrade my existing project to the new livebind methods?



You'll need to replace the TTMSFMXGrid with TTMSFMXLiveGrid. The TTMSFMXGrid LiveBindings support has been removed.

The reason I had to use FMXGrid instead of FMXLiveGrid was when I have livebindings to a datatable, livegrid always shows empty for the first cell at (0,0). The first row is supposed to show the column names, but the first column is empty. I don't know how to fix that.


The fixed columns is 1 which is ignored when loading data into the columns. Please set the FixedColumns property to 0

Is that true that TMS suggests that we use Livegrid instead of FMXGri?

That is correct