I have updated my components and found out that FMXGrid is not livebinding enabled anymore and that I should move to the Livegrid.

I have changed the code to use that instead, and for my sadness it does not work.

I have my own package, when I inherit the grid, creating my own descendant from it to create a few more methods for my framework. This is the same way used for years for the FMXGrid before.

If I place a TTMSFMXLivreGRID directly to my frame and wire it, it works. However my version does not work. I have no clue why that.

The previous FMXGrid works fine, showing the column names on design time. The New LiveGrid shows nothing, not even the cell lines. 

Is there anything needed to be done when descending from this grid?

I found the problem:

GetClassStyleNames, is different for LiveGrind that the rest of the other components.

I was using the suggested by TMS :

function TNaharFMXGrid.GetClassStyleName: String;
  Result := ClassParent.ClassName + 'style';
  Delete(Result, 1, 1);

and that does not works for LiveGrid. So I removed this part and worked.