Miss possibility to drop already defined tables et

When having redesigned a project, today I don't see that the Generate script has any option to choose to delete the existing table, if any is there


Quite a tedious work to delete manually all tables in database, like in NexusDB Enterprise Manager :-)

Hi Alf, unfortunately there is no option, all drop commands are created with DROP TABLE <tablename> only.

Why I ask is because there is no DROP TABLE included into the SQL-queries at all when making the scripts for NexusDB at all, just CREATE TABLE etc. etc.which gives an error about existing table next time I want to update the database.

Or perhaps there should be a possility to make ALTER TABLE instead when making a query to update existing database.

Ideally you should keep versions of your model every time you update the database, thus you can generate update scripts from one version to another. That's what generates the ALTER TABLE statements. Currently data modeler doesn't have a feature to compare a model to a database directly.