Any way to override "Generate Script" options?

I'm using data modeler with MSSQL 2008 R2.

I generate scripts for "everything" (all options checked).

I take the generated script and use them with dbExpress and TSQLQuery.
That is, I set SQLQuery.SQL and then do an ExecSQL.

The scripts as generated don't work - I have to change "GO" to ";" unless I'm working with management studio...

Is there a way to change the output of Generate Script to eliminate changing all the "GO" entries?

Also, when a trigger is first created, I have to modify it from

CREATE TRIGGER <%TriggerName%> FOR <%TableName%>
CREATE TRIGGER <%TriggerName%> ON <%TableName%>

(and I usually forget that). I don't imagine there's an option to use "ON" instead of "FOR"?



Hi Ed,

In current version there is no option to change those settings. What we're evaluating is the implementation of a script system that will allow users to customize several parts of Data Modeler, including SQL generation in this case.