Minimumpanelheight bug with TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel dynamically added

Hello TMS team,

I tried to use multiple dynamic TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel as line element of a TAdvScrollBox.
In this context, I set a minimal Height using TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel.Minimumpanelheight.

However, if the panel is created dynamically, the default height of 32 is used the fisrt time.
If I expand and then collapse the panel, my Minimumpanelheight is taken into account.

It seem to have been many fixed issues for this property,

// v1.0.2.4 : Fixed : issue with starting panel height when collapsed
// v1.0.2.6 : Fixed : Issue with minimumpanelheight when loading form
// v1.0.2.7 : Fixed : Line visible when line is disabled
// v1.0.2.8 : Fixed : Issue with height when setting Minimumpanelheight
// v1.0.2.9 : Fixed : Issue with height in designtime when collapsed

However none seem to be exactly my case.
Here is my exemple :

              newPanel := TAdvSmoothExpanderPanel.Create(self);
              newPanel.Align := AlTop;
              newPanel.Width := ScrollBox1.Width - 20;
              newPanel.Anchors := [akLeft,akTop, akRight];
              newPanel.Name := 'test';
              newPanel.Parent := ScrollBox1;
              newPanel.Expanded := False;
              newPanel.ExpanderSize := 40;
              newPanel.ExpanderShape := esRounded;
              newPanel.ExpanderLocation := plCustom;
              newPanel.ExpanderTop := 5;
              newPanel.ExpanderLeft := 5;
              newPanel.Caption.Font.Size := 30;
              newPanel.Caption.Line := False;
              newPanel.Height := 300;
              newPanel.MinimumPanelHeight := 55;
              newPanel.Caption.Location := plCustom;
              newPanel.Caption.Left := 50;
              newPanel.Caption.Text := 'TITLE TEST';            

Am I doing something wrong ?


There was an issue with the use of the MinimumPanelHeight on runtime creation.
This has been changed and the fix will be available in the following update of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

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