MetroProgressbar can find x64 files.

TMS VCL UI Pack Setup.exe can not make x64 folder and hpp files for MetroProgressbar.

What IDE do you use?

Rad Studio 11.2.

Please check AdvSmoothImageListBox also.

I suspect you run into the issue with a bug in 11.2 described here:

Library Path Configuration

The RAD Studio 11.2 installation has an error in the configuration of the library path. Due to this configuration problem, linking with runtime packages fails, as reported in Quality Portal as RSP-39031 (Win64 build with runtime packages can’t find Win64 DCP files).

To address the issue you can alternatively:

Install the .reg file included in the patch download. We recommend you to follow this step only if you have a fresh install with no migrated settings and no third party component installed.

Use the IDE Tools Options dialog, select Language – Delphi – Library page and there the Windows 64-bit platform. Replace $(BDSCOMMONDIR)Dcp with $(BDSCOMMONDIR)Dcp$(Platform)

Open the Windows Registry Editor application (regedit), and make the following changes:

In the key –>


change the “Search Path” value to

In the key –>


change the “Search Path” value to $(BDSLIB)$(Platform)release;$(BDSUSERDIR)Imports$(Platform);$(BDSUSERDIR)Imports$(Platform);$(BDS)Imports;$(BDSCOMMONDIR)Dcp$(Platform);$(BDS)include