Memory Leaks on Android

We were using TMS Logging ( in an Android (32 bit) project (Delphi 10.4 Update 2) in which the app is supposed to run for a very long time without restarting (several weeks at a time and potentially longer).

However we noticed the app closing itself after a few days. After investigating with the Android Monitor we noticed a steady increase of Data Objects and 4-byte arrays until it became too much. After removing TMS Logging from the project that problem went away and I confirmed it in a small test project where the logging functions get called a lot. (8.1 KB)
You can check the increase in Data Objects and 4-byte arrays with the Android Monitor yourself. I don't know, if other platforms are also affected since only Android is relevant to us at the moment.

For now we implemented our own small logging functions, so we are fine on that front, but I wanted to inquire about this being a known issue or if not, inform you of it.

Thank you very much for the leak report and the project to reproduce issue. We have fixed the leak and next version will be free of such leak.