Memory leak with Sparkle and XData in Android


I have sent direct support request mail more than one week ago. I have not got any ackacknowledgment of receipt. I'm not sure if that was received so I'll write here also.

There is memory leak issue with Sparkle and XData Android client when compiled in Rio. TMS component version used are:
BCL 1.14
Aurelius 3.12
Sparkle 3.4
XData 4.4
IDE: Delphi 10.3 Rio
OS: Android
COMPONENT: TMS Business Subscription
With Delphi Seattle there was not this error.

Depending on phone model Android kills application sooner or later (tested with  Samsun Galaxy A3,  Blackview, Samsung Galaxy Tab A:n and Honor 7 Lite ). In log there will be error: 
JNI ERROR (app bug): global reference table overflow (max=51200)

Simple test application (Android Sparkle Tester) to reprodure error n by mail.
It can be tested against SQLiteConsoleServer demo.

Just for the record, we are discussing this via e-mail. It might be some memory leak in Delphi RTL/JNI Bridge itself.

We have a similar issue on our app closing on Android. We perform a request every second thought a timer using TXDataClient and after a while the application stops.

With debugging on we get "Insufficient RTTI available to support this operation".

Under Windows works

This was solved internally and a patch was sent to the customer, but we didn't release a new version with the fix yet. Please contact us directly through e-mail and we will send you the patch to confirm if it also solves your problem.