[TAdvListBox] Memory Leak ...

Hi ... 

Using TAdvListBox in conjunction with TFormSize component - TAdvListBox will yield a mem-leak upon close.

TAdvListBox version
TFormSize version

To reproduce.
Start new VCL forms application.
Place the two components on form.
Add - ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := true; to project file.

Run - close form - 1 TIntList leaks !

Please fix asap !

I tried exactly that but I could not see a memory leak here.

I'm using Delhi 10.2.1 ... 

Could that be an issue?

I cannot see any reason. 
I double-checked the code. A TIntList is only used from TAdvListBox. There is one created only once and in the destructor it is destroyed (along with other objects). So, if there would be an issue in the TAdvListBox destructor, you'd see other memory leaks too.
Did you apply all hotfixes to your IDE?

Just tried on my other developer machine.

It has a slightly older tms components pack installed.

TAdvListBox version
TFormSize version

Delphi is still version 10.2.1

Here there is no mem-leak!

Just renewed my license for tms-component pack and will update to latest on both machines.
Will post result.

The error persists - will have to update to 10.2.3 on both machines ...

Wait !

After updating both machines to latest component pack - I now get the error on both machines !

Still have to update delphi from 10.2.1 to 10.2.3

But there must be some problem ...

Is this TAdvListBox v1.2.0.2?
This is the latest in our repository against which we test.

No - version is the one that just installed with tms component pack, which I just renewed.

Formsize component is still version

In first post - I noted version of both components !!! 

Is latest AdvListbox version not included in newest component pack ?

I see this fix was done internally on March 9, so this fix will be included in the next update.
If you urgently need it, contact us by email.

Thank you for at least clearing this for me ....