Marker Infotext and german umlauts

I use the method "OpenMarkerInfoWindowHtml" to display the marker info. On iOS the German characters "ae, oe, ue" are not displayed correctly, but on Android they are.

How can the characters (umlauts) be displayed correctly?

Thanks and BR, Mike


Can you try using html entity names?


A full list can be found here:

The Problem is solved!
Many thanks for the advice. I had to try a lot of things before I was successful
Now I used a HTMLEncode function to display the characters correctly.
But this did not work directly in the method OpenMarkerInfoWindowHtml(IdMarker, Markertitle). It only worked if the function is called when the marker is created. 

function HTMLEncode(MarkerTitleStr: String): String;
  Result := MarkerTitleStr;
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'"','"',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'&','&',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'<','&lt;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'>','&gt;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,' ','&nbsp;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'¡','&iexcl;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'¢','&cent;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'£','&pound;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'¤','&curren;',[rfReplaceAll]);
  Result := StringReplace(Result,'¥','&yen;',[rfReplaceAll]);

... create Marker
MyMarker := Mapview1.Markers.Add;
MyMarker.Latitude := Position.Latitude;
MyMarker.Longitude := Position.Longitude;
MyMarker.Title := HTMLEncode(title); 

Mapview1.OpenMarkerInfoWindowHtml(IdMarker,  Markertitle);

That didn't work:
Mapview1.OpenMarkerInfoWindowHtml(IdMarker, HTMLEncode(Markertitle));

Thank you for confirming the issue was resolved.