Marker title not showing


I'm using the map in Win32 mode with the chromium browser.

Neither the TMarker.Title nor the icon I get to work.
The title I add like this in a test : WebMap.Markers.Add(LA, LO, 'huhu');
All I get is the standard red google marker without caption.

For the icon I use a path like this : MAP_ICON_ALARM   = 'file://E:/Software/Markers/shooting.png';
The icon is there, but If i define it, nothing is shown, if i define no icon at all, the standard is used..

Is this normal behaviour? ANy ideas ? because I really need to see status updates without using baloon tips.

Thanks in advance.


- To display a marker with a custom icon, you can use an image file that is hosted on a webserver.
- To display a text label next to the marker, you can use the Marker.MapLabel.Text property.

For an example, please have a look at the "Markers" tab of the WebGMapsDemo application, which is included in the product download.

The property MapLabel.Text works fine, thanks.

The limitation to use a web hosted webmarker is only within the chromium browser or on an iOS/android device to ?
That would not be very nice as it affects the data plan the customer have if they have to download the marker images all the time :S



This is an issue with the ChromiumFMX implementation, we will investigate here what exactly is going wrong. In XE8, which doesn't use the ChromiumFMX, there isn't an issue with local files. On iOS / Android, loading a file from a local path should have any issues.

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Another related Issue I detected on XE8 is that when you have the map on one tab and something else on another, and switch between both, the marker disappear.

They're fine and visible if the map is visible on the screen when you create them. switching to the 2nd tab and back makes them disappear.

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I've troubles updating titles over Markers in Android.

I use the next code:

WebGMap.Markers[X].MapLabel.Text := WebGMap.Markers[X].MapLabel.Text + '';
WebGMap.Markers[X].Title := WebGMap.Markers[X].Title + '';

In iOS the title is updated fined, but not in Android, why?

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
The label text above the marker is updated as expected in Android.

Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- Delphi version used
- Android version used
- Sample code to reproduce the issue


I want you to download the Google Play Store App in order to review this issue and see for yourself.

I appreciate your suggestion, but we need to be able to view the source code of a sample project that demonstrates the issue in order to find out the cause of the problem. 

I've the demo, how can I send it to you?

Also is there possible to use standard markers with different colors?, default marker is red, is there a way to use the same marker in: blue, yellow, green, and so on just with a parameter?

I'm not talking about use a custom image, but the default google marker.


You can send demo projects to

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to display the default marker icon in a different color.
We'll have to investigate if this is supported in the Google Maps API.