Maps / Openlayers: Capability to display a local image (as a layer?) in map

I did some research, but did not find a suitable solution on first and second sight.

We'd like to allow our users to display local images (actually ideally PDF files) in the map component.
Background is that the map is intended to support planning processes where usually there is some pdf/image based overview plan available. And it would be super helpful if this plan could be put on on top of the map. But it would need to be geo referenced.
I've seen that there seems to be the possibility to do something like that with Google maps component (TTMSFNCMaps - TMS FNC Maps).
We are currently using open layers for pricing reasons and especially because it supports WMS, which we need to have as well.
Is there any possibility to do it in OpenLayers as well? I've seen samples for openlayers (Image Reprojection). So it appears to be basically supported by them. Would be VERY interesting for us to be able to do that.


Unfortunately the OverlayViews feature is currently only supported for TTMSFNCGoogleMaps.
We'll have to investigate if a similar functionality can be implemented for TTMSFNCOpenLayers in a future version.
Thank you for your suggestion!