MapOptions ZoomMarker

"TMS TWebGMaps.pdf" explains the MapOption:
Sets the zoom behavior of a marker icon. When set to zmNone there is no zooming.

But when i set the property to zmNone, my markers are still zoomed, when the map is zoomed in and out. How can the behaviour be turned off?


Please note that with the ZoomMarker property set to zmNone there will be no change in the display of the a marker icon. Also, this property is not intended to change the display of the marker icon when the zoom level of the map changes.

The property is intended to enable/disable the change of the marker size when the marker itself is clicked. Please have a look a the MarkerZoomDemo application (included with the product download) for an example.

Extra information can be found in the documentation for the IconHeight, IconState, IconWidth, IconZoomHeight and IconZoomWidth properties in the PDF Manual.