MacOS Sonoma AppUpdate

I have a multi platform FMX App, Windows and MacOS.
I use RAD Studio V11.3.
I started to use TTMSFNCAppUpdate in my App.
With Windows all ok, start donwload from internet, replace App and restart App.
With MacOS I have problems, my APP return Exception inside FMX.TTMSFNCAppUpdate unit, inside this function:

  function GetFileVersion(AFileName: string): string;

There are some compile option or options that I forgot?


Normally no, as long as it is only called for checking the executable version. Do you have the same issue with the demo? What is the exception exact;y and for which file is it being thrown?


I tried just now the Demo, it work fine. I check my INI files and settings.

Hi Tunde,

I forgot a backslash..

My ini file:

localversion={APP} => replaced with localversion={APP}/

download ok now.

Thank you for confirming that it works!