TMSFNCAppUpdate: Error Download 200

update.log (10.9 KB)

I am having a problem with updating the application component. I have attached the log file generated from the component. It always shows that there is no new version, but I am sure that there is a newer version on the server. What am I doing wrong?


Your INF file seems to be correct.

Are you sure that the DMS.exe you are running on your system has a lower version number than what you upload?

We'll add more logging to know which files are being compared and what are their current versions, because right now this is not clear.

Just noticed a small mistake, it's probably the reason why the update fails. In the update_win section you have newfilesversion but it should be newfileversion without the s between file and version.

update.log (1.5 KB)
Thank you for your thorough correction. I've made the necessary updates to the update.inf file, and now I'm receiving a dialog indicating that there's a new version available on the server. Surprisingly, when I check the value of TMSFNCAppUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable, it returns 'False.' Despite displaying the latest version on the server, it fails to update.


Strange. From your log it seems like the information is correctly extracted from the INF. The only point where it can fail is the internal version comparison call, but we tested it separately with your version numbers from the log ( and and it worked.

Did you assign the OnVersionComparison event by any chance? It would explain why the result remains False: if you assign that event then you need to handle the comparison by yourself as it will skip the default comparison mechanism.

You are correct, I did assign OnVersionComparison, and now everything works smoothly. Thank you