the demo always updates

I tried the TMS FNC AppTools demo
I have tested FMX Windows and MacOS.

The app starts ... check for updates ... download files ... reboot and the file is the same as before.
This problem is also on MacOS
Instead, the icon file changes



What is your IDE and macOS version?

Can you check the log file? It should be available at C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Temp\appupdate.log

I use Delphi 11 and MacOS 12.1

I will see the log file ... but I have not application error

The log file logs the steps during the update so it should give a clue where it fails.

The problem is this line:
"03/22/2022 15:04:59: Windows process elevation failed. Exit update."
I moved the .exe and .png to the empty folder and it seems to work fine

In macOS ... it doesn't work. It seems the same problem but I can't find the .log file

it happens that it updates the image and after the question "Update completed, do you want to restart?" ... the application is always the old one.

It's a macOS related issue in the component. We are investigating it.

We've found and fixed the macOS issue. The next update will contain the changes.

great! Have you a release date about new update?

No ETA yet. Please check your private messages for an incremental source update.

Hello Tunde

thanks now it works fine ... but in macOS it doesn't create a log file yet


I have already answered to this in the private message but for future reference:

Log files are created in a temp folder on all platforms. To check the exact path for each platform you can use TTMSFNCUtils.GetTempPath.

It's also possible to modify where the log file should be created by setting the TTMSFNCAppUpdate.Logging.Filename property.


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