Logarithmic axis in FlexCelPreviewer


I have a template (file Template.xls) that includes a graphic with a logarithmic axis (X axis).

If I generate a report, using FlexCelReport, it contains some copies of the graphic with the logarithmic axis (everything is ok). But if I try to see this report in my application using FlexCelPreviewer, the graphic shown has not the X axis logarithmic, it is lineal, and the graphic shown is not the same.

Is it possible to see logarithmic axis of a graphic in FlexCelPreviewer? Is there any option in FlexCelPreviewer to see the logarithmic axis of a graphic?

After see the report in my application, I have included the option of export the report shown to PDF and HTML. In both cases, the graphic shown has not the X axis logarithmic.

Thank you very much for your help.


Sorry but no, currently the chart engine in FlexCel doesn't support logarithmic axis. IT has been in the todo list for a while, but demand for it seems to be very small (I think this is the first request we ever get) and implementation is't trivial.

Hi Adrian,

thank you very much for you clear explanation.