ExcelChart SetChartAxis?

I would like to change the ValueAxis caption of a chart. I found the GetChartAxis() function, but even though I change the values on it, it does not change in the exported report.

I checked the MainDemo, but GetChartAxis() is not used anywhere.
This is what I tried

    TChartAxis[] axises = chart.GetChartAxis();
    axises[0].ValueAxis.Caption.LabelValues[0] = "hello";
    axises[0].ValueAxis.Caption.LabelDefinition = "@";

The LabelValues[0] does contain the current value, so I suppose that would be the place to change this. But nothing changes in the output.
There isn't any SetChartAxis().. But is there any equivalent?

Thanks in advance


Currently the support for writing things in a chart is limited, and we don't have a setchartaxis yet.

We do have a way to change the series with SetSeries, and you can use it to change the series that contains the axis labels:
 c is a TExcelChart object

Hello Adrian,

Thank you for your quick response!
Unfortunately I am already using both the DataDefinition and the TitleDefinition of the Series.
Unless there are any other solutions I guess I can append the value of the axis value definition to the serie title definition. I will have to see if this works..

In the meantime;
Do you have any ETA for the release of v6.0?

Will there be support to edit the axis value definition in v6.0?

Thanks in advance


We don't have an ETA yet. We will be focusing in xlsx chart rendering and not so much in modification (since it is the most asked feature), but I hope we will be able to add some more editing capabilities including axis modification.