need a bar graph

I need to create spreadsheets in which a scaled graphic bar is placed into a single cell. So each row in a section of the sheet will contain such a scaled bar, such that the effect is of a bar graph over a number of rows.

Does FlexCel provide a means of doing that? I know it has graphed series, but that is not what I need. The solution I must replicate was developed in another product, and generated a scaled graphic image to be placed into each of the cells. It's workable, but seems like overkill.



I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, there is a demo in FlexCel .NET that shows some kind of "minicharts" in the cells done by using REPT function. Could this be helpful?

An example of the generated report by this demo is here:

And while the demo is in FlexCel .NET, the same could be done in Delphi. But I am not sure if this is what you want? If this is, then it is actually quite simple, you just call the function rept with a number which defines the magnitude of the chart. If you want something else, can you send me an example of what you want to achieve to ?

Thanks, Adrian, but no. What I need (and have in old code using Axolot) is a graphic bar which resembles a Delphi flat panel with no border, and with an assigned color. The width is scaled to the value it represents, as a percentage of column width, and height is set to fit in the row.

I am still not sure I understand then what you need. Note that in the example I used a pipe character ('|') to make the chart so it looks like this:


But you can repeat any unicode character you want. For example, you could repeat
And get something like this:

You can also color the cells differently depending in some condition. I am not sure on what is different by using an image (besides less resolution because you don't have 1/2 block)? Can you send me an example?

The other solution I see would be to use the new conditional formatting introduced in Excel 2007, but sadly FlexCel doesn't support that yet. It should be coming soon as this is what we are working in, but we have not ETA yet.

you can see an example of how it would look first with repeating an unicode block, and then with cond fmt. Would any of those be what you are expecting or I am still misunderstanding?

A last thing: If you need to use images for wahtever reason, there is no need to have different images for different bar sizes. Just stretch the image more or less depending in the value. But I still would prefer using =Rept() or cond fmt when it is ready, because charts update dynamically when you change the cell values.

sorry, forgot the sample address:

OK, thanks again. I guess I will stick with the current approach, of creating a graphic and inserting it in the cell.

Sorry, I should have added that the conditional formatting would be a workable solution, but I would also have to verify whether we can suspend support for Excel 2003.

Looking forward to TMS offering a spreadsheet component of their own, which I assume would avoid a lot of the twists and turns imposed by Excel.