Local and remote DB simultaneously


I'm considering to use TMS RemoteDB in my new (multitier) application. Some clients would use mobile internet connections to server side. Still system should be very robust and offer offline usage also. 

I'm planning to have MS 2012 SQL Server in Server and SQLite in client. All clients should use primary server database while connection is ok but when client looses internet connect it should automatically use local SQLite. I will synchronize necessary statistic data to clients SQLite DB automatically as background process. After internet connection returns I would need to update inserted info into server side.

I have been thinking to to save data inserted client side simultaneously to both databases MS SQL Server and local SQLite to achieve up to date local DB copy for offline usage. Could I use TMS RemoteDB to implement this kind of use case? Could you give me any guideline or hints how to proceed. 

Hannu Hilanne

Hello Hannu,

RemoteDB is a client dataset to connect to remote server only. You should use RemoteDB to insert data in remote server, and use other option to insert data in local SQLite.