General questions

I am currently thinking about changing an existing business solution from the direct database connection to a 3tier solution.
Currently I am evaluating RemoteObjects DataAbstract.

Questions :
- DataAbstract connects via ADO to NexusDB, what about RemoteDB ?
- is there a way for clients to be notified if tables on the server change ?
- If tables on server are changing, does the whole table need to be reloaded or just the changed part ?
- It seems that TMS Remote DB is a rather new product and is not yet recommended for production use. Is there a schedule where a stable release is published ?

Gerhard Sachs

Hi Gerhard,

- RemoteDB offers several options to connect to databases: dbExpress, FireDac, ADO, Unidac, SQLDirect and native components to access ElevateDB and NexusDB

- There is no client notification about server-side operations

- From the client point of view, RemoteDB works as a database server. You just execute SQL statements with it. The server is responsible to "forward" those requests to underlying database server. But clients just use a TDataset as if you were connecting to the database. Thus, as far as I know, there is no such mechanism available. You perform queries, you can call Refresh to reload the query, but the whole dataset I think

- RemoteDB is a very stable product. It has been used with some target customers for some time already before we released it. One of those users has an ERP software and he uses RemoteDB is several customers. One of customers has a 300-user base, which might reach up to 100 simultaneous users using the software. That's our largest customer so far. Yes, since the product is new, RemoteDB doesn't have a wide range of different scenarios (for example, this specific customer uses SQLDirect connecting to MS SQL Server). But when we analyze the customers that are already using, they've been doing for some time already.