Load multipl years of data in a multimonth planner


I'm trying to use the planner in multimonth mode.
I set the year to 2013 and it displays correctly the months with febuary ajusted to 28.
If I use the Planner1PlannerNext and Planner1PlannerPrev events to add/substract a year the month are updated.

However, the items are not updated when I change the year.

Also the items I set accross years like :

 ItemStartTime = strtodatetime('23/12/2012'); 
 ItemEndTime = strtodatetime('10/12/2013'); 

get immediatly transformed to 
 ItemStartTime = 23/12/2013
 ItemEndTime = 10/12/2013

and do not display because start > end now.

Did I miss something ? Do i have to drop & rebuild all loaded items for every year ? Or is tehre another way ?


In the design of the Planner, you should only add items to the Planner Items collection that are within the viewed timespan, i.e. in this case, in the year that you view. The DB version for example will also only retrieve records in the DB of items that are within the viewed timespan.
So, if you view 2013, only fill the items collection with items that fall within the year 2013.
For year crossing items, add the item with start time 1/1/2013 and keep the real start time in PlannerItem.ItemRealStartTime