Problem with DBPlanner Multimonth mode


I'm using TDBPlanner in Multimonth mode. When I try to create programmatically an item that crosses the month boundary:

PlannerItem.ItemStartTime := StrToDate('28/06/2014');
PlannerItem.ItemEndTime := StrToDate('07/07/2014'); 

the TDBMultimonthSource sets the StartTime incorrectly to 28/07/2014.

And if I fill the database fields value manually, the TDBPlanner doesn't show any PlannerItem for that event.

Are events with start and end in different months working in that mode?

Hope you can help me.

Alvaro Dalloz

I cannot reproduce an issue with a TDBMultiMonthSource.
You can download our test app here: 
It shows month crossing items for FEB/MAR and APR/MAY.
Do you use the latest version of the component and/or what's different in your app?

Hi Bruno,

Thank you for your response. I will check it.


The problem was that ItemStartTime and ItemEndTime properties doesn't work with different month dates when plMultiMonth is selected. In that mode interaction with DBPlanner must be done by direct editing of database datetime fields.

All the best,