Lazarus and Debian new web project TMS WEB Core

Now when I go to a new project and select web I get the following error

TMS package "TMSWEBCore" not found:

When i do ignore, later the project works correctly

Was a reference to TMSWEBCore.lpk somehow added to your project?

after 3 ignores,
add TMSWEBCore to the project myself and everything works fine

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To solve this problem it is necessary

change letter (upper case)

tmswebcore.lpk > TMSWEBCore.lpk
tmswebcore.pas > TMSWEBCore.pas
tmswebcorepkgdelaz.lpk > TMSWEBCorePkgDeLaz.lpk
tmswebcorepkgdelaz.pas > TMSWEBCorePkgDeLaz.pas
tmswebcorepkgliblaz.lpk > TMSWEBCorePkgLibLaz.lpk
tmswebcorepkgliblaz.pas > TMSWEBCorePkgLibLaz.pas

Thanks for reporting.
We've seen this case sensitivity issue that affects install on Linux and fixed this.
We will release an update this week.