Package, sources, File names capitalization in Linux

I need to use web core in lazarus / Linux so I can have an alternative to delphi.
Installed in ubuntu latest, and lazarus 2.06 seemed to install the packages fine.
However, when creating a new project-TMS web core, the first thing that pops is a message saying it does not find the packages, and it is because capitalization in the source differs from the actual file name, in linux and osX this is very important,

TMSWebCore.lpk is not the same as tmswebcore.lpk.
For us windows users this is strange but in any other OS seems to matter.

I started correcting manually but realized that for the next TMS release I would have to go manually again.
Please take note and match capitalization so we can actually use them to develop on other platform than windows.

Thanks for notifying. We'll look into this.