jquery database adapter

Which checking the web core source I found a jquery datbase adapter but not in the component list. Is it in the works or is there a way to use it ? 

This is work in progress. Not ready yet. No ETA yet.

Hi Bruno,

i need also a Db adapter for Jquery components; I need some advanced grid features (grouping, summary, etc...) or lookupcombobox that are ready in jquery, but there is no a binding with a dataset.
Thanks in advance

This is not trivial and not something we can do in short term
The way the jQWidgets grid performs databinding is quite different from typical Delphi TDataSet based binding. We are researching this.

Hi Bruno,

i don't need JQWidgets if there are Web Core or FNC components that have the same features.
I need search, filter, grouping, totals and summary in grids, and a powerful db lookup combobox with a grid in popup and autocomplete when user type input.
Please tell me if there are those "advanced" features planned for next releases.
In this way we can "port" desktop apps tp web preserving  vcl logic in UI.

TTMSFNCGrid can do filtering, grouping, calculations

We do not yet have a lookup control with grid dropdown. That is an interesting suggestion for future developments.

I will try TTMSFNCGrid features, ok.
Waiting for an advanced lookup....
Advanced lookup is very hard to obtain into web for several reasons, but is very important and "ergonomic" for user that we want migrate from desktop to web (for vertical apps market) 
Thanks a lot