Item over several days


when creating an item for the TDBPlanner (some other plannres will this match, too)
where the start is maybe "13:30:00 01.01.2016" and it's end is set to "15:30:00 02.01.2016"
the PlannerItem is shown in the header as full-time (german "ganzt?gig").
Full-Time-Items should be declared with a start-time "00:00:00" and an endtime "23:59:59".
You can reproduce this problem with demo16 in the planner-demos for example.
I can't say for sure, if it's solved with version of TDBPlanner.

Greetings from Papenburg, germany
 Gabriele Hillebrandt

Multiday events are always shown in the Planner in the header for each day where the multiday event occurs.

this behavior leads to further problems. If there are multiple Multiday Items, then not all of this items will be displayed in the header.

Is there no option to display those items in the planner? 

You can
1) increase the header size to accommodate for more multiple items with Planner.Header.ItemHeight

2) set Planner.Header.AutoSize = true