Item not always selected in Searchlist of TTMSFNCSearchEdit and FEdit as public variable

Just create a TTMSFNCSearchEdit component and fill the Searchlist with 1 to 10 and type 10 in the edit and then close the dropdown. If you then reenter the edit end erase the 0, the Searchlist will show, but the 1 won't be selected.

This is because FDisplayList is not updated at the right time with UpdateFilter. It is better to update FDisplayList with UpdateFilter when the visibility of the Items is set. Now FDisplayList is updated with GetSize, after ItemIndex is set in the procedure DisplayFilter.

Is it possible to make FEdit: TTMSFNCSearchDropDown a public variable? Then it is possible tot edit the dropdown button, like size and visibility?

We traced & solved this issue. The next update of TMS FNC UI Pack will address this.

Thank you for the fast response. I am looking forward to the update. I hope you can also make FEdit public.

We'll also expose the Edit property