Issues with Map on both Win32 and Google Glass App


Having a number of issues with the component. I'm developing a Google Glass application, where I have a button on my main form that hides it and shows the form with only the Map component on it.

I'm not entirely sure on the order I'm supposed to call the map procedures and everything, but so far the code does as follows:

When the button to show the map is clicked, the LocationSensor is enabled, and it waited for a Latitude and Longitude to be returned (apart from on Win32 where it uses hard coded Lat and Long). Once it has the Latitude and Longitude, it sets the DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude of the Map, then the ZoomMap level. It then adds a marker with the same latitude and longitude. I then hide the main form and show the map form.

My current problems:

Setting the DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude doesn't recenter the map, it stays in the default location in Paris. The ZoomMap property however does take effect.

If I call the Initialize method after setting the Default Lat and Long, the map does center, however now my markers don't show up. Map.Markers.Count is still 1, but it's not visible on the map.

At one point it was centering the map properly and showing me the marker, but after going back to the main form then back to the map again they would all disappear.

What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to use the Initialize procedure? What are the proper ways of showing and hiding the map?



The DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude property values are only used when the map is initialized. If you want to recenter the map after it is displayed, please use:

TMSFMXWebGMaps1.MapPanTo(Latitude, Longitude);

It is recommended to interact with the map after the OnDownloadFinish event has been triggered. This event indicates that the map has finished loading.

Hi Bart,

Ah, thanks. That makes it work a lot better on Windows.

Currently having the problem on Google Glass that the map never downloads. I've set it to do a ShowMessage OnDownloadFinish, but it never happens despite the Glasses being connected to Wifi.

Previously when I did get the map on, the Glasses seemed to freeze once I tried to interact with them.

Hi Richard,

We are not aware such an issue when using the TTMSFMXWebGMaps control on Android.
Have you tried this using other Android devices and/or with the WebGMaps Demo application?
Does the issue occur when simply placing the control on the form without any other controls?