have trouble getting started with GMaps

I have placed a FMXGmaps component on mp form and deployed to my android device Fine.

Know Im trying to get it to default to my current location.

The Loc Sensor is turned on on formshow.

The Lat = -26.744..   Long= 150.63

which is Chinchilla Queensland but the map loads up with brisbane. Lat -27.4522751 long 153.0353622

If I set Defaulttocurrentlocation to false it loads up paris.

My markers are getting placed in the correct place. 

MapPanTo does nothing.

What am I doing wrong.

procedure TForm1.LocSensorLocationChanged(Sender: TObject;
  const OldLocation, NewLocation: TLocationCoord2D);
  TMSFMXEdit1.Text := 'Latitude: ' + NewLocation.Latitude.ToString;
  TMSFMXEdit2.Text := 'Longitude: ' + NewLocation.Longitude.ToString;

  if LocSensor.Active then
    GetGeoAddress.Latitude := NewLocation.Latitude;
    GetGeoAddress.Longitude := NewLocation.Longitude;
    if GetGeoAddress.LaunchReverseGeocoding = erOk then
      EditPostCode.Text := GetGeoAddress.ResultAddress.PostalCode;

    Map.Markers[0].Latitude  := NewLocation.Latitude;
    Map.Markers[0].Longitude  := NewLocation.Longitude;
    Map.Markers[1].Latitude  := NewLocation.Latitude;
    Map.Markers[1].Longitude  := NewLocation.Longitude;
    Map.CurrentLocation.Latitude := NewLocation.Latitude;
    Map.CurrentLocation.Longitude := NewLocation.Longitude;
    Map.Enabled := True;


We are not aware of any issues with setting the CurrentLocation.
Have you tried setting the properties directly instead of via the values from the Loc Sensor?

Have established that the GMap is not loaded map data when the Location sensor triggers. 

I put the initial positioning inside a 3sec timer then disabled the timer after the fitst trigger. This solved my issue.

My be the component needs after initialization trigger/flag.

I have some more questions.

1. If I do a search on google maps by town it shows up the town boundaries and region in read. This is obviously a polygon but can/how do I get that data from google. using the geo components.

2. when you start searching addresses in google I get a list of suggestions. Can I get these from the geo components as well.

3. Google are now have a road posted speed limit information can I get this as well yet or do you have plans to access this in the future.  
  1. This a recent addition to the Google Maps v3 API that we need to investigate and when feasible, integrate.

    2. You can use the WebGMapsLookupEdit for this. Set edit.Lookup.Enabled = true and provide the edit.APIKey

    3. Same as 1), we'll investigate and when possible, integrate.

WebGMapsLookupEdit is this only available in VCL?

Im developing for iOS / android using FMX.

Sorry, this WebGMapsLookupEdit is at this time indeed only available for VCL.