Issue with TWebMainmenu container property


I have made a test for the container property of TWebMainMenu component:

I put a Webpanel1 aligned at Top, and set webpanel1 as the Twebmainmenu's container and it works. And displaying of mainmenu is fine(see below picture).


However, I then out an another webpanel2 and set Webpanel1 as its parent, aligning to right of the webpanel1. There will be issue of displaying the mainmenu, as you can see from below screenshot:

Lower part of the mainmenu was covered, thus menu cannot be displayed completely.

For your reference, here is the test file : 61. (1.4 MB)



Please note that by default a TWebPanel will clip it's content.
As a workaround to disable this you can set the overflow attribute to visible.


procedure TForm1.WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
begin'overflow', 'visible');

We'll have to investigate if this behaviour can be improved in a future version.