How do I change the Main Menu so its not at the top of the form

I am using a panel as a container. Before I put the menu on, I confirmed that the panel is located where I want inside a table. Its caption is visible in the correct place.

I drop in a mainmenu and make the panel the container. The menu is always shown at the top of the form. How do I change this so it stays inside the container. Otherwise what is the point of the container ?

I also want its background colour to come form the css of the panel. But it always comes from the

When adding a menu it is automatically set as the forms menu. Just clear the Menu property for the form.

Thanks I have it working by changing the position from Absolute to Relative in Formcreate. But I will try this, it's better.

Clearing the MainMenu field in the Form properties didn't work.

However what I have done is to add this in FormCreate. ('position','relative');

I don't know if this is a valid way of doing it, I was just playing around.. But it worked.