Problems with TWebMainMenu (

I´ve tried some of the components for a "Hello world!".
There are some problems:

  1. The left position at runtime of the mainmenu is defined by the position of the component on the designform

  2. Assigning a TWebPanel to the container property of TWebMainmenu and deleting this component (TWebPanel) raises an exception
    ( I´ve tried this several times).

  3. if reduced to the "Hamburger-Menu" the menuitems are not topmost. The items are behind the placed pagecontrol.
    3a The position of the hamburger is also defined by the designtime position of the component

4 The Mainmenu items are selected from the delphi-menu-templates. The & is not recognized and is displayed at runtime (perhaps a feature).

This is an image of 3 screenshots and the project (41.8 KB)

Version info
MAJ_VER = 1; // Major version nr.
MIN_VER = 5; // Minor version nr.
REL_VER = 2; // Release nr.
BLD_VER = 0; // Build nr.
DATE_VER = 'SEP, 2020'; // Month version

Operation system: Win7 64 bit
IDE: Delphi xe10.1 update 2
Browser: Firefox 81.0
Server: TMS

Greetings Kurt

  1. Is by design for the convenience of having control over the position
  2. Thanks for reporting. We fixed this. Next update will have this fix.
  3. We will investigate this
  4. At this moment there is no built-in support for shortcuts.


The problem described in 3 has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release.