Issue with Flexcelvclfm.chm

When I open the Flexcelvclfm.chm file (about 17mb), the index shows correctly on the left, but no text is displayed.

Other chm files open correctly.

We can't reproduce this here. I've tried with win7, 10 and 11 and it shows correctly in all of them:

We haven't heard any complains from other users either.
Is there any data that could help us reproduce this? Anything different in your Windows installation? Which windows version are you using? Does it happen in all your machines?

Chm uses internet explorer under the hood to show the pages, so I guess it could be related to some ie setting, but if your other chms look fine, I am not sure what the cause could be.

Just to rule out that the file got corrupt somehow, I've uploaded it here:
Can you retry it?

I found the solution.

Since the file was downloaded from the Internet, Windows blocks the file.

I had to go to the properties of the .chm file and, in the "General" tab, check the "Unblock" checkbox at the bottom.

It's better if people download a .zip file than a .chm file.