Flexcel corrupted file downloaded


I am having some troubles when downloading the TMS Flexcel for VCL, the file is downloaded, but it seems to be corrupted and I am not able to uncompress it.


That's weird, I've tried downloading it here in a clean VM and it looks ok:

And honestly, if it wasn't ok we would have heard multiple times about it now. Can it be the AV or something else? I imagine you've tried re-downloading it? (by the name, flexcelreg (1)...)

Can you try downloading it from a different machine?
Or you might try using the new smartsetup: TMS Smart Setup introduction | TMS Smart Setup documentation
SmartSetup is better and faster than the legacy setups anyway, so I would recommend that instead.

Hi, I 've tried to download in a different computer, and it says that "Maximum number of downloads per day exceeded for this file."

Today It has been downloaded only once, I've tried it several times, but the download process never started again.

I'm using chrome without any extension.

The corporate computer is using "CarbonBlack" Maybe that is the problem, but I cannot disable it.

I've communicated with tms so they reset the download limit for today. I think it doesn't like if you use 2 different IPs.