Problem with TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar on TAdvPanel UIpack V.

Hello dear Developer Team!
I have a problem after installing the new version of UIPack
My application has a complex form design. One part is a panel within a panel.
In this inner panel is loacted a TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar.
When I open the project an "access violation" occures:
Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 5394FBE1 in Modul 'TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE14.bpl'. Schreiben Adresse 000028

I have isolated this problem in a little appilcation. The form "configuration" is as follows:

- TAdvPanel (outer panel)
   - TAdvPanel (inner panel)
   - TDBAdvRichEditor
   - TDBAdvRichEditor

If I try to add TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar to the inner panel, an exception is thrown as descibed above.

My system: win 11 pro, Delphi 11.3 enterprize

On an other computer (at home) I have still installed UIPack this configuration works.

For testing I can provide my "minimized" application. Additionally I con provide a full stack trace too.
Are you abel to reproduce this behavoir?

We could not reproduce this anymore with our latest internal version where a fix was applied to TAdvGlowButton (that is used on TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar).
We will release a new version with this TAdvGlowButton update asap.

Ahh, I see!
Thank you! I'll report, if it works here.
Have a nice day...

Version fix it.
Thank you for your quick support! :slight_smile: