is there any reason why latest web core setup does not longer install the lazarus setup

running the setup.exe i just downloaded simply hangs in dialog that show this

"The Wrapper Installer has finished extracting the necessary ressurces for installing the TMS Web Core. Please check one or more Delphi/Lazarus versions(s) that hae been detected on your system to procedd with installation"

but the directory does not have any setup file for lazarus (in older setups, there was a lazarus setup which always worked fine.

perhaps you should think about making the setup less intelligent if it is not able to detect one of my 3 different paralellel lazarus installations automatically and simply offer a manual selection to the user who installs it. almost 2GB of setup file is very strange and even more strange when it was downloaded over mobile connection and is useless at the end ...

Contact us by email and we provide the direct link to the separate installer for Lazarus.