iPad layout - Complex

Thanks Bart for handling all my beginner questions.  Ok, I'm getting a bit more advanced now.  I am creating an application for the iPad specifically.  My understanding is that I cannot use more than one iPad region on screen at once or it won't display properly.   In Delphi for Windows .exe's I use TPanel extensively, to "hold" my controls in the correct places.  However I don't think I can use iPhone Regions like TPanels.  .here is a textual description of what I need:

- There are two main regions on the iPad screen.  A left aligned "Navigator" bar, 15% of the width of the screen.  This leaves 85% of the width of the screen for the "Gallery".

- The Navigator region must have 3 IphoneLists in it, one on top of the other, so Alignment would be .Top, ..Top, .Client
- The Gallery must be able to contain one of any number of regions.  I may have as many as about 20 regions that will fit into the Gallery, but, only one will be displayed at a time.

Maybe the Gallery should be a "Frame" but, can a Frame fit into a region?  What is the code to display a Region inside a Frame?


You should be able to put an IWRegion or IWiPhoneRegion inside an IWRegion or IWiPhoneRegion.
This way you can build the layout as required.
You can add multiple regions in the gallery section and toggle the Visible property as needed to only display one at a time.
Please remember to set the RenderInvisibleControls property to True to make this work correctly when using async events.
For a similar example, please have a look at the iPad demo included with the product download.

I would not recommend using Frames as this could have unexpected results when used on mobile browsers such as iOS Safari.