Installing XData Server on Website without Root Server

Is there a possibility to install XData Server on a Webspace with MySQL Database or ist XData Server only running on local Systems ?
Can i use my Database from my Website Provider in any way with WebCore from my Website, without installing a Client on the ClientPC ?
(External IP to Database is free)

I don't think so, XData should be deployed as a Windows application (service or desktop) or a Linux app (console or daemon), and for all those options you need root access to your server in cloud.

Thank you for confirming this.
So if i want to use DB-Acces with WebCore i need an Root-Server or a InhouseServer with stable Internet access 24/7.

With a Delphi server, regardless of the framework, yes. But you can of course use other server technologies, like PHP, that are usually available in shared hosting servers.

I can use html,PHP and Javascript to create my WebSite but i am not a Webdeveloper.
The only help is, if there is an interface from PHP speaking to Database and returning Data to my WebCore Application. Thats what X-Data is doing but not in the web.
Maybe some time there will be anything like X-Data-PHP, than i can use it.
Thank you for Help.

Indeed, XData is the most straightforward way for Delphi users. Well, getting a VPS these days is easy and cheap, I don't see it as a problem actually. I use XData a lot ;-)