MySQL connection example?

Is it possible to connect to a MySQL database? Any sample Project where we can know which components/packages are needed?

We are planning to create a simple invoices web application and we are considering using PHP+Bootstrap or TMS Web Core, but I don't know if it is possible (or how) to connect to a MySQL database.


TMS XData has support for mySQL and with TMS XData you can make your mySQL database accessible via a REST API in your TMS WEB Core application.

So in order to access a mysql database, I need to purchase not only webcore, but also xdata?

TMS XData is one of many possible solutions. It can be done via Embarcadero RAD server, via MARS REST (open source), via node.js, via core REST, and several other solutions

Database access can be done through any webserver you like.

XData (TMS), PHP, nodejs, fphttpserver (FPC), etc.

Your webapp likely will use regular REST/JSON to communicate with the server (don't forget authentication and authorization) and it then talks to the database.

TMS Web Core is a frontend tool, like Angular or React. Frontend doesn't talk to databases directly because you can't protect authentication details, so communication goes through a server.