Access PostgreSQL without XData

I have an application I need to install that accesses a PostgreSQL database on a shared hosting server. I could create an XData server to work with Web Core and the database but the server would need to be hosted on one of my servers as far as I know.

Is there a way to install an XData server on a Linux VPS machine?

Is there a way to access the PostgreSQL database in a Web Core application without using XData?


You can install XData in a Linux VPS machine by using Apache-based server or Indy-based server.

Of course you can have a XData server anywhere you want as long as the PostgreSQL database is accessible.

You can indirectly access the PostgreSQL database in any way you want without using XData, but of course you will have to use a replacement for that - PHP, .NET or any other tool/framework that will make an HTTP(S) middle tier between your web frontend and the database.