Installer fails to correctly add Scripter objects - Only Win32 and Win64 Correctly Installed

I have installed the latest version of TMS Scripter on Delphi 11.3. When I go to my Android application, the TatScripter object is not available. None of the objects are available for the the Android project.

I have repeated the installation 3 times with the same results. This is a brand new install of Delphi 11.3 and the other TMS software I have had installed correctly. What can I do to troubleshoot and get the scripter object available under the iOS Device 64/Android32/Android64.

What do you mean by not available? You get an error message, or the components are disable?

I guess they are showing disabled for the platform (Android 64). They are all visible and useable for a Win32/Win64 project. However, I just noticed that even for a Win64 app, the TatScripter is disabled.

In the Palette on Delphi 11.3, when you hover over the TatScripter the tooltip indicates it is for Win32. The TIDEEngine lists Win32 / Win 64. This is the Delphi instance where I would like to use the TatScripter under Android. The TMS Scripter version here is 7.28.

On another Delphi 11.2 install, the TatScripter object shows in a hovered tooltip that is compatible with macOS 64 / Windows 32 / Windows 64 / Android 32 / Android 64 / iOS 64. The TMS Scripter version here is 7.27.

Bump, respectfully watching for a reply.

Version 7.29 has been released and should fix this issue.